This Is Your Brain on Coffee Versus Beer

What you drink says a lot about what you’d like to do. Despite both coffee and beer being considered “social beverages,” being five cups of coffee in versus five beers deep will have quite different effects on you! So what’s really happening in our brains when we consume caffeinated beverages versus alcoholic drinks?

Your conscious thoughts, language and interactions are controlled by a part of the brain called the cerebral cortex. When alcohol hits your cerebral cortex, you usually begin to feel less focused, which frees your mind from its normal worries and distractions. A few drinks in moderation may make you feel more creative and sociable, if not a little sloppy. Coffee on the other hand is more of an energy drink that helps you feel you more focused after about five minutes.

When Is the Best Time to Drink Coffee or Beer?

A couple of beers will make you feel less focused but could help you brainstorm a few creative ideas. If you are already familiar with the task at hand, a couple cups of java might just help you get it done faster. If you drink too much of either, however, you will begin to lose the benefits by increasing your future tolerance. So consume in moderation, folks!

beer vs coffee

When it comes to a bottle of beer versus a pot of coffee, which would do you prefer?
Source: I Love Coffee

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