How Many Calories are in a Drink from Starbucks?

empty starbucks drink cup

empty starbucks drink cup

If you’re watching your weight or your sugar intake and think a little Starbucks won’t do you any harm, think again. These delicious mocha drinks and Frappuccinos are loaded with sugar and calories! A peppermint white chocolate mocha, for example, contains 520 calories, the equivalent of 3.7 cans of Coca-Cola.

To demonstrate just how heavy Starbucks drinks can be, Ryoko of I Love Coffee compiled the calorie counts of popular orders and created the awesome graphics below. All calorie counts correspond to grande size drinks.

starbucks drink calories white peppermint mocha

starbucks drink calories cafe latte

starbucks drink calories cafe mocha

starbucks drink calories double choclaty chip frappuccino

starbucks drink calories green tea latte

starbucks drink calories hot chocolate

starbucks drink calories black coffee

Check out more coffee facts at I Love Coffee.

Featured image by Hussain Shafei

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