How Do the Big Food Companies Score When It Comes to Social Responsibility? [CHART]

screenshot of Oxfam's behind the brands online tool

screenshot of Oxfam's behind the brands online tool

The world’s biggest food brands are notorious for creating less-than-stellar working conditions for farmers and abusing water and land rights. Increased consumer and political pressure, though, is leading to gradually improving conditions and transparency among the world’s ‘Big 10’ food companies like Nestle, PepsiCo, Unilever and Coca-Cola.

Through its Behind the Brands campaign Oxfam is scoring the big companies on what they’re doing to clean up their supply chains and be more socially responsible. The chart below provides a glimpse into Oxfam’s research.

Visit for more information on how the food suppliers you buy from treat the farmers who produce their foods.

big brands social responsibility scorecard chartvia Co.Exist by Fast Company

Lauren Mobertz

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