A History of Recorded Music in 90 Seconds [VIDEO]

music remains history of recorded music

Music has the extraordinary power to unite people, to heal people, to entertain people, and so much more. Music is not just cross-cultural, it’s universal, not to mention that it likely dates back to the prehistoric age. So when IFPI released a short 90-second video displaying the history of music, recording industry trade group made it memorable. Not only was the video clip filmed at the famous Abbey Road studios in London, but it is a ‘Recorded Music Rube Goldberg Machine.’ Accompanying the video, the rap song “Music Remains” tells the story of the evolution of recorded music.

A history of recorded music in 90 seconds
ifpi history of recorded music
modern music history of recorded music

music remains rube goldberg machine

While some of the songs featured in the video are widely recognized, here is the full list:
1910s, The Oceanna Roll – Arthur Collins
1930s, Sing Sing Sing – Benny Goodman
1950s, Dream Lover – Bobby Darrin
1960s, My Generation – The Who
1970s, Dancing Queen – ABBA
1980s, Walk This Way – Run D.M.C.
1990s, Yellow – Coldplay
Early 2000s, Hey Ya! – OutKast
Late 2000s, Umbrella – Rihanna
2010s, Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Video by IFPI

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