10 Most Common Social Profile Pics and What They Really Mean

Profie Pic Infographic

profile pics thumbWhen you upload a new profile pic on Facebook or Twitter, what is it really saying about you?

Is the photo some throwback to better looking days? Or are you trying to flaunt some new relationship to the chagrin of your ex? Well, whether you just posted your latest duck face or some picture from last night’s rave, your profile photo means a lot more than you think! Here are some of the most common profile expressions seen across the social web and what they actually mean.

Profie Pic Infographic
Source: mylife
What’s your profile pic look like?

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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  1. Don’t forget the “corporate headshot” – You’re the consummate professional, your work is your life. You’re also probably selling something- and you won’t hesitate to tell *everyone* all about it if given even the slightest chance.

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