X What Your Instagram Filter Says About You

What Your Instagram Filter Says About You [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the mobile phone era, everyone is now a photographer, or at least thinks he is. Instagram has 100 million monthly active users who share 40 million photos per day! And thanks to Instagram’s many hip filters, every sunset, family photo-bomb, or meal eaten can be masqueraded as fine art. But, truthfully, you are perceived by how you filter, that is, the filter you choose may say more about you than the actual picture you post.

For starters, you have the Normal filter users (43% of all users) who are either tech-challenged amateurs who can’t maneuver their smartphones or purists who refuse to manipulate reality. Either way, nobody is really impressed. Then you have X-Pro filters (8%) for optimists that want to see the world in a little brighter light. But not everybody can handle the shine, so Valencia filtering (5%) is available for those light-sensitive snappers. Then comes Brannan (3%) for the art school dropouts still looking to bring the drama out of any ordinary situation.

But seriously the next time you snap a photo, think twice about your filter—after all, it says a lot more about you than you think…

So fess up, what is your favorite filter?

Sean Parker
I think your age range 25-44 should read 25-34 and the text in the gender graph states more women than men but has the icon for men under the larger pyramid and next to the larger percentage.
Laurens Hagen
I miss my two most populair filters, Lo-Fi and Mayfair. Your Infographic counts up to 86%, so what about the other 14%, Daniel?
Daniel Senyard
Are the words or the graphics switched on the sex demographic breakdown?
Mike Bazaluk
Weakness for the valencia filter.
Andrew Griesemer
<- Brannan, and a BFA grad.
Susan Davis Cushing
I'm a brannan n'er do well :)
Liz Pullen
I don't have an iPhone so I'll have to take your word on Instagram's users!
Daniel Zeevi
Well Instagram is available on Android devices too :)
Tim Pixley
I use them all, depending on the scene's composition and lighting. But if I had to name the most-used, prolly say Brannan.
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