New Smart Tattoos Could Revolutionize Healthcare Technology

Smart tattoo

Scientists have created a device for the ultimate medical record convenience, and it’s as thin as a temporary tattoo. Researchers at the Institute for Basic Science in South Korea, Seoul National University and the University of Texas at Austin have partnered with MC10, Inc. to develop the first electronic tattoo that can store data and deliver medicine.

The researchers introduced the smart tattoo in Nature Nanotechnology, highlighting its potential application for movement disorders like Parkinson’s and epilepsy. The electronic tattoo is a tiny patch four-centimeters long and two-centimeters wide and only 0.003-millimeters thick. Made from a stretchable polymer material that imitates skin, the device comes fully equipped with motion and temperature sensors, microheaters and drugs to be delivered through the skin.

This is not the first electronic tattoo to be in the works, but it is the first that can store data and deliver drugs. While the tattoo is not yet complete (it still needs a battery and transmitter), it could revolutionize healthcare technology and take wearable tech to a whole new level.

Image by MC10
via Venture Beat

Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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