Wearable Tech: The Future of Accessorizing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Forget the digital watch; that’s yesterday’s news. Wearable tech has launched us into the space age and is essentially turning us into first generation cyborgs. Bracelets that track our steps, burned calories, and distance are the new vogue and are the most popular pieces of “jewelry” for men and women.

But they can do a lot more than that. If you shell out some extra bucks, you can get a truly impressive piece of equipment that looks rad but also helps you stay on top of of things. The Garmin Vivofit, for example, lets you know how long you have been idle and even learns from your habits and suggests goals for you. The Sony Core can be worn on the wrist or carried around in a pocket. It logs your music, when and where you jogged, and the weather. It works together with Sony’s Lifelong app to create a personalized ecosystem for you.

It’s not all about wrist-wear though, these days. If bracelets aren’t for you, the Lumo Lift may be a good option. Clipping to your shirt with the help of a magnet it measures your steps and posture, vibrating if you are slouching too much. It then sends that information in reports to your phone with suggestions on how to improve your posture.

Swallowable sensors are on the rise; has science gone too far? Perhaps, but if they are developed properly, they could revolutionize the way we take care of ourselves. The sensors, in pill form, would collect information about what is going on inside a person’s body. This could include monitoring heart disease and diabetes, log reactions to drugs and dose timing, and collect data on activity levels all from the inside.

For more on wearable tech, take a look at this infographic. What kind, if any, of wearable tech do you use, and how has it benefited the way you take care of yourself? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to like and share.

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