Pinterest Launches New Web Analytics Tool For Businesses As First Step Towards Monetization

Online bookmarking tool Pinterest is rolling out a new Web Analytics Tool that will allow businesses to track the number of visitors delivered to their website, see what people are pinning from their site and other useful information. pinterest web analyticsThis is part of the rapidly growing startup’s effort (Pinterest quadrupled from 9 to 40 million users in 2012) to build a platform that can eventually integrate different money-making apps and features. Pinterest officially introduced business accounts for users last November and is finally making good on its promise to marketers late last year that it would introduce data analytics tools for businesses, of verified websites, to track Pinterest referral traffic. The new tool provides businesses with visual graphs about their content interactions like how many people have pinned from their site, the number of views each pin has, and the total users that have visited a site from Pinterest. Now Google Analytics can also provide data on referral traffic from Pinterest, but lacks any real insight into actual user activity on the site. Check out the introduction to Pinterest Web Analytics with this new walkthrough:

Pinterest Web Analytics Walkthrough from Pinterest on Vimeo.

Pinterest providing companies with data about their profiles and users is a “pretty clear step in the direction” of monetizing Pinterest, said Greg Sterling, a senior analyst with Opus Research, a San Francisco-based market research firm. “They couldn’t really start charging people without some way of measuring the efficacy of the spend,” he said.

Pinterest is “building foundations to monetize” its service this year, Chief Executive Ben Silbermann told The Wall Street Journal last month. Pinterest doesn’t currently run any paid ads, but makes money through affiliate advertising, and has plans to integrate a potential advertising system, as well as further monetize revenue from merchandise sales on affiliate sites.

pinterest analytics

Just in February, Pinterest raised $200 million in venture capital from firms that include Andreessen Horowitz and Bessemer Venture Partners. The deal put a valuation on the 3-year old company at a whopping $2.5 billion. According to comScore, Pinterest was the 38th most visited website by U.S. internet users in January, with about 30 million unique visitors.

The first new tool, which Reuters is reporting will be available to business for free on Tuesday, will provide key insights int user activity like frequency of clicks on particular photos. Other features Pinterest may roll out soon, according to TechCrunch, include smart “suggestions” for users based on what they have already added to boards, along with plans to launch more international sites.

“The goal is really to help websites understand what content is resonating with people on Pinterest,” Cat Lee, a product manager at Pinterest told Reuters in an interview.

To get started make sure you have early access to Pinterest’s new look, have a verified website and then you should see the analytics option available in the top right menu!

pinterest web analytics
Pinterest’s traffic increased by a staggering 5,124% from 2011 to 2012! With such rapid growth businesses need more efficient and powerful tools to measure engagement on Pinterest, and that day is finally here friends! Have you got to try out the new analytic tool for Pinterest yet?

Lou War
Looks good. Monetizing is important but I think many will fail- its getting too crowded in some areas.
Judith Kavanaugh
Looks like a Useful tool. Passing it along.
Daniel Zeevi
Thanks Judith :)
Aneta Burzy
that sounds like a really useful tool for business!
Tim Pixley
If you're doing infographics or stuff that's heavily visual in nature, Pinterest can be a powerful marketing tool. Will pass this on to some infographics friends. They see value in it, but the biggest issue with them was analytics :)
Daniel Zeevi
Yeah Pinterest is a visually oriented site that generates a ton of referral traffic, and finally adding these analytics seems like the logical step to attract more businesses.
Kevin Morrice
Pinterest has gone from girls pinning Hello Kitty pictures to a viable marketing tool for businesses. I applaud the new tools.
Jericho Demos
very useful for us publisher.. thanks for sharing.
Rebecca Turkovics
Definitely looks useful. At this point you really have no idea how P interest is working for you. Looking forward to trying it.
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humm... interesting :? have to check it out. tx
Ty Col
interesting tool
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Looks compelling. I have bookmarked to dig into later.
Chris Sandys
Big difference between now and the early 2000s. Contemporary online companies have a resolute focus on revenues, as they should.
Ted McArthur
Great info. Thanks!
Daniel Zeevi
No problem Ted thanks!
Radha Khalsa
Pintrest is often overlooked, but it is a valuable tool for business promotion.
Daniel Zeevi
And the future for businesses on Pinterest is bright!
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