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How To Advertise On Pinterest [GUIDE]

As Pinterest continues its rapid growth, quadrupling from 9 to 40 million users in 2012, many businesses and marketers are struggling to maximize their brands’ potential on the site. And with consumer pins and repins climbing into the hundreds of millions,  the opportunity for advertisers to reach new audiences is enormous.

Pinterest by the Numbers

Pinterest’s traffic increased by a staggering 5,124% from 2011 to 2012! What also has advertisers foaming at the mouth is that Pinterest buyers tend to spend more and purchase at greater frequencies than users from the other top 5 major social sites. And traffic from Pinterest produces 4x the revenue-per click than Twitter. Pinterest reportedly generates 17% of Shopify’s entire social media-driven revenue.

Optimize Your Account

Pinterest also recently added a new feature to allow businesses to create accounts rather than just personal profiles. Make sure to include “Pin It” sharing buttons on all your webpages to maximize shareability. Set your company logo as your Pinterest avatar to increase your brand recognition. Also, write an informative description for your “About” section, one which includes relevant keywords as well as links to your main website and other social media profiles. And remember that sharing interesting, informative and engaging content is an absolute must to gain new followers!

Know Your Audience

The key to success on Pinterest is to cater your content to the site’s user base. Folks of all ages use the service in roughly equal numbers, but 79% of Pinterest users happen to be female. In fact, moms are 61% more likely to use Pinterest than any other demographic. 60% of Pinterest users have had some form of college education. 69% of users  earn between $25,000 to $75,000 per year.

Formulate a Strategy

Do you have a strategy for Pinterest? It takes more than just pinning your products to successfully advertise and engage people on the site. To build your brand awareness you need to constantly curate interesting, informative and entertaining content like images and videos linking to your target sites. By fostering a community around your brand, you’ll be able to maximize your potential and presence on Pinterest!

Pin it to Win it

So what does the anatomy of a successful product pin look like? At its heart are hashtags and links to the specific pages of interest within your product catalogues—these make it easy for people to identify and find your products. People don’t want to land on the same dummy default landing page for every one of your posts pointing to some larger catalogue. Also, including the price on a pin generates an average of 36% more likes. Another great strategy is to include featured sales and discounts on your landing pages.

Organize it

Enable your Pinterest campaign success with proper ogranization. Create theme-based boards by grouping together similar images, products and other content. It’s ok to also spread some of your pins around to be featured on multiple different boards. As users can choose which individual boards of yours they subscribe to, having a little overlap can help introduce your audience to undiscovered portions of your catalogue.

Grow Your Community

To grow your community in the best way, start by curating great content and repinning valuable and relevant pins from select influential customers. You can also create contests encouraging your customers to share their favorite products for free prizes. Finally, stay alert to new features and trends on Pinterest to stay ahead of the social media curve.

Are you successfully using Pinterest to grow your business and generate new sales?

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