PayPal Improves Online Checkout Experience With In-Context Payments on All Devices

PayPal in-context checkout on iPad

PayPal in-context checkout on iPad

Months after debuting payment code, a new way for brick and mortar retailers to receive payments, PayPal is back in the online payments game with an improved checkout experience. Soon shoppers will be able to make payments in context directly on a merchant’s site through PayPal no matter what device they are using, according to The Next Web.

PayPal’s new In-Context Checkout lets shoppers pay using their PayPal account without being directed to an external PayPal site. PayPal claims this will help retailers convert more customers. Shoppers can expect to start seeing In-Context Checkout by June, though large retailers will be the only ones with initial access.


How In-Context Checkout Works

PayPal In-Context Checkout screenshot

When shoppers click to check out, a lightbox will open prompting them to log into their PayPal account. From there shoppers can confirm the checkout price and make changes to the shipping address and payment method as needed, features that weren’t available before In-Context Checkout. Shoppers can even select to check out using PayPal’s Bill Me Later option.

Other features planned for In-Context Checkout include authorization capture, reference transactions, recurring payments, adaptive payments and digital goods.


A Solution for All Devices

PayPal In-Context Checkout across desktop, tablet and mobile

In-Context Checkout will work the same way on all devices, including tablets, desktops and mobile phones. Merchants will use a single SDK and REST API to integrate the new, simpler checkout experience.


Additional Payment Solutions from PayPal

Besides being able to pay directly within a merchant’s site, in the future shoppers will also be able to use their PayPal credentials to log into merchant sites. This will help customers feel more comfortable connecting to online merchants without giving away their personal information. Since over 137 million people have already signed up with PayPal, a PayPal login feature will probably be welcomed by many.

PayPal is also expanding its payment code offering to MICROS and Discover POS systems. This means PayPal will soon be accepted by 1.9 million merchants in the U.S. PayPal is also testing payment code with national brands in the UK and with taxis in Australia.

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