Smart Headphones Unveiled by Intel Will Pump Up the Jams With Your Heart Rate

Intel-Smart-Earbuds-1Do you often listen to music while you’re working out? A new smart headphone concept unveiled by Intel at CES 2014 looks to set the mood for your workout by automatically selecting your next song based on your heart rate. So whether you’re up for a mellow walk accompanied by some jazz or a first-pumping jog to the tune of your favorite fast-paced electronic beat, Intel has you covered (or at least your ears).

Before working out with Intel’s new headphones, you set a target heart rate for your workout. Then while you exercise, sensors in each earbud will monitor your heart rate and use this biometric data to select your next song, eventually helping you reach your heart rate goal. Even with subtle changes to your heart rate the built-in DJ won’t change up songs on you too quickly but will give you a warning before changing tempo, says designer Indira Negi.

Intel has yet to announce a release date or price but is diligently looking to bring this new technology to the marketplace.



Are you pumped to use these smart earbuds?

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Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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