Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian Plasters DC With Net Neutrality Ads Ahead of FCC Vote

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The FCC is two days away from unveiling its new proposed net neutrality rules, and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian will stop at nothing to stop a bad ruling. Through a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdtilt, Ohanian raised over $20,000 to place ads around Washington, DC to speak out against selective fast tracked internet service.

Placed in bus stops, the ads liken the internet to a street grid, claiming that internet service providers are threatening to introduce gridlocks and make internet users pay more to reach the sites they want to visit:

net neutrality ad

To inform the public about net neutrality and explain why it should be treated as a public utility, Ohanian will join Oregon Senator Ron Wyden in a Reddit AMA today starting at 5 p.m. EST.

Located in Washington? Check out this list of the Ohanian’s ad placements:

net neutrality ad locations in dc

What rules do you think the FCC should propose?

Images by Alexis Ohanian
via The Verge

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