What Happens When You Use an Oculus Rift to Simulate Internet Lag in Real Life? [VIDEO]

Internet lag can be pretty annoying, but what if it translated into real life? This hilarious ad by Umeå Energi, a Swedish energy and broadband internet company, shows what it’d be like to live with lag in real life – and it doesn’t look too pleasant!

Umeå asked four volunteers to experience “internet’s biggest disturbance,” lag, in real life. Wearing an Oculus Rift headset wired to a Raspberry Pi computer, a webcam and noise-canceling headphones, the volunteers experienced the world through a lag up to three seconds long. Laugh as you might as the volunteers stumble through playing ping-pong and taking dance class, cooking, bowling and boarding a bus, but you know you wouldn’t want to live life with this lag!

This clever ad takes advantage of the recent popularity of Oculus Rift, whose parent company was acquired by Facebook last month.

Oculus Rift to simulate internet lag in real life

via Reddit

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