Momentum: The Chrome Extension that Makes Browsing the Internet Productive

Momentum new tab page screenshot

Momentum new tab page screenshot

The internet can be one of the most helpful resources for getting your work done. But, with Grumpy Cat and addictive videos lurking around every corner, the internet can also be one of the biggest distractions from your work. Momentum, a new tab page extension for Chrome, aims to help make the internet more of the former and less of the latter by getting you to stay on task every time you open a new webpage.

Momentum replaces Chrome’s new tab page with a personal dashboard that makes your priorities and to-dos the central focus. Each day Momentum will open with a new inspiring landscape shot and ask what your main focus is for the day. Then each time you open a new tab Momentum will inspire you to accomplish your goal while (hopefully) discouraging you from opening time-sucking sites like Facebook and Imgur! Momentum also includes a to-do list feature, weather for your area, a motivational quote and a link to your Chrome apps.

You can install Momentum here.

Momentum new tab page screenshot

Momentum new tab page screenshot with to-do list

What do you think: would Momentum help make the internet less of a distraction for you?

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