Too Many Open Tabs? Meet the ‘Bookmark My Tabs’ Extension for Google Chrome [DOWNLOAD]

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Have you ever been slowed down by a ridiculous number of open tabs in your browser window? We often juggle multiple tasks online, and things can get out of hand fast. The Bookmark My Tabs extension for Google Chrome lets you easily save, organize, and share your open tabs into groups you can access when you need them. Save your work gracefully for later, and quickly reopen your tabs with just one click!

Improve your online productivity and your browser’s performance by¬†bookmarking your important link groups and, most importantly, avoid the Too Many Tabs Open syndrome.

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Bookmark My Tabs Features

– Save all your tabs (or selected ones) to a bookmark folder
– Copy all selected URLs to the clipboard
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РLaunch any bookmark folder with one click through Quick Launch
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– Organize and explore your bookmarks and links

Bookmark My Tabs Options

– Customize the extension by hiding the Bookmark or Quick Launch section
– Configure up to six bookmark buttons to display by default for one-click tab launch
– Choose to save all open tabs, only the highlighted tab, or none by default
– Select the Quick Launch tabs to open in the current window or in a new one

Take control of your tabs today and download the Bookmark My Tabs extension for Google Chrome!

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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  1. This is good, there is also a shortcut to do this without a browser extension. If you just hit ctrl+shift+D it saves all tabs. You can then right click the folder to open them all as well. I will have to check out this extension to see if it adds any additional benefits. Thanks Daniel.

    1. Thanks Ross, that is a good point for those that can remember the shortcut. The extension also has the benefits of allowing you to bookmark only selected links, and of course launch a bookmark folder (and all tabs in it) with one click. Users can also copy all the URLs to the clipboard and more features are coming soon!

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