Living the Fast Life: Smeared Paintings that Depict Speeding through NYC



Paying homage to the city that never sleeps, artist Alexandra Pacula creates oil paintings that depict the constant state of motion in New York City. Her veloCity exhibition on display at the Mighty Tanaka gallery in Brooklyn features beautiful landscapes and architecture blurred by the sparkling lights buzzing through the city.

Here’s the gallery’s description of Pacula’s work:

veloCity is Alexandra PaculaŹ¼s most recent body of Abstract Photo Realist art work, as she explores new techniques that convey an ever changing perspective. Capturing the city in all its regal elegance, Alexandra Pacula locks the viewer into a certain time and place, forging all the elements into a cohesive interpretation of the urban landscape. Her conceptually sound approach creates the perfect context in which she is able to play with a variety of effects and to bring forth her unique vision of the world around her.”


painting by Alexandra Pacula




painting by Alexandra Pacula

Ascending Flow


Descending Flow

descending flow



via My Modern Metropolis

Daniel Zeevi

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