17 Psychedelic City Skylines and Watercolor Maps of the World

Paris watercolorWhat do you think the world would look like to Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead? Perhaps if he ever documented and mapped his travels, it would look similar to these tie-dyed watercolor cityscapes and map diagrams by BOX21.

Based in Sorbonne, Paris, Tom of BOX21 enjoys creating contemporary watercolor and oil paintings. He wrote on Etsy:

I hope to convey my feelings of life in each of my paintings, I like them to give out a feeling of love, hope and happiness.”

Check out these brilliant city skylines of New York, London and Paris along with a few creative maps of the U.S, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Australia and other countries of the world.

London watercolor

New York watercolor

world map

USA map

Canada map

Brazil map

Argentiana map

Cuba map

UK map

Greece map

Ireland map

Italy map

Australia map

Russia map

Africa map


Source: BOX21
via Lustik

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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