Spectacular Light Sculpture Justifies the Existence of Space, Time and Dubstep


Tesseract, aka the HYPER Cube, is an amazing light sculpture that reacts to sound. The installation encourages visitors to walk straight into the heart of the structure, or cube within the cube, to trigger the dazzling light show surrounding them to “evoke a future world,” encouraged the designers.

Developed by the light masters at 1024 architecture, partner Francois Wunsche spoke with Fast Co.Design about the project and music to go along with it:

We simply want the audience to feel like being in a kinetic, dynamic space, that is fully ‘audio-reactive.’ We want the audience to actually experience space, to feel its geometrical characteristics.

The experience is pretty unbelievable to watch, but if you’ve ever had problems with seizures or dubstep in the past, this video is not for you!

HYPER-Cube 2

HYPER-Cube 3

HYPER-Cube 1

Video by 1024 architecture

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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