Meet the New Managing Editor of DashBurst [Successful Internship Case Study]

Lauren Mobertz

Lauren MobertzSeveral months ago we were looking to find a full-time writer and editor for our magazine. But as any entrepreneur or startup business owner would know, small businesses can ill afford to make poor hiring decisions with finances always tight.

So we put out a flier on a writing internship, that was more like a hardcore boot camp style initiation to blogging and writing for the web. It was so out there, and demanded such a sacrifice of time and effort, that only someone who was truly passionate about writing with a fearless mindset to learn about new online tools and technology would even dare consider applying. It was not a position for those “faint of heart.” Needless to say, many of the applicants couldn’t live up to the task.

Then came along Lauren Mobertz. Lauren heard about the opportunity while working for another startup all the way down in South America who happened to be following us on Twitter. She had also recently graduated from the writing program at Carnegie Mellon University and was already familiar with the Pittsburgh area, too – where DashBurst is currently based. Small world, right? Got to love social media.

Right from the start, Lauren was able to step up and become a major contributor to our blog and editorial process with some of the most insightful, witty, and well-written content you’ll find on the Web today. Lauren is originally from the New Jersey/Philadelphia area, with a special interest in LinkedIn, workers’ rights, travel, Android and creatively funny Vine videos. She’s previously written for Her Campus and the Sampsonia Way Magazine blog and has done community management work for Riffle Books.

If you are looking to do an internship, especially with a startup or fast-paced technology firm, take a few pointers from Lauren: listen, learn, don’t be afraid to speak out, drive change, and most importantly be a self-starter. Take matters into your own hands, always be productive regardless of direction to prove yourself invaluable for a future position!

And if you also happen to be looking for an opportunity or internship as a writer or graphic designer with DashBurst, don’t be shy!

Today Lauren is joining DashBurst as our Managing Editor, and we are very grateful to have someone of her caliber, both as a person and writer on board. Lauren is tasked with driving the future content of our online magazine and breaking down important issues each day in technology, social media, Web culture and news from around the world.

Congratulations to Lauren and let’s all wish her good luck!


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