Jobr Wants to Be Like Tinder for Finding Jobs

Finding a job can be almost as hard as finding love. This is what inspired the creators at Jobr to develop a dating service-like app that makes it easier to find a job.

Using an interface similar to that of the matchmaking app Tinder, Jobr connects job seekers and recruiters in a simple and game-like way. After users sign in with with LinkedIn account, Jobr creates users’ profiles based on their job history and skills. Then, much like on Tinder, users can browse relevant employment opportunities and swipe left or right to pass on or like a job. Recruiters use the app in a similar way, swiping left or right depending on whether a candidate meets the job qualifications.

Each employment opportunity has its own page detailing job requirements, company background, contacts who work at the company and matching job skills.

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Jobr launched yesterday and is working to enlist recruiters and job seekers alike. Currently job seekers seem more interested in Jobr, and as more continue to sign up Jobr hopes the interest of recruiters will pique too. In an effort to bring on more users, Jobr is running a job referrals campaign, rewarding users $1,000 when their contact scores a job they recommended.

While finding a job may be tough today, Jobr is looking to make it easier with this Tinder-inspired app. So even if you can’t find love, maybe you can at least find a job.

Jobr isn’t the first app taking advantage of Tinder’s simple interface reminiscent of hot-or-not questionnaires. Yesterday we covered LinkedUp!, a dating app that draws user information from their professional LinkedIn accounts.

via TechCrunch

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