Tinder Works On Every Continent, Even Antarctica

If you’re worried about meeting someone special, don’t lose hope because even people on Antarctica can find a companion. With the help of the increasingly popular location-based dating app Tinder, two scientists made a match in Antarctica this past year.

A male American scientist was working on the southern tip of Ross island when he opened his Tinder app. He expanded the search radius and found a match a 45-minute helicopter ride away—close by Antarctic standards. (The scientist has remained anonymous, fearing that his Internet privileges would be revoked for using the internet for recreational reasons.)

Tinder has statistics for matches on every continent except for Antarctica, so the company believes this is the first match on the frozen tundra. It also constitutes the first Tinder meet up there. A few weeks after the two scientists swiped right, they met up. The encounter was brief, however, as the woman scientist was leaving the following day. Still, the two expect to hang out again before the research season ends.

Photo by Park Jongwoo
Via The Cut

Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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