22 Amazing LinkedIn Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

LinkedIn 2013There are numerous recruiting websites out there that will assure you to land you your dream job. However, among the sea of job sites that recruiters and job seeking individuals use, LinkedIn is the most reliable, trusted and informative website by far. It’s more than just a place where individuals can look for a job.

Since its creation in 2003, LinkedIn has evolved from a mere social network that was intended to cater to professionals, rather than teenagers and young adults, into a global resource for all to use. It has transformed and continues to change the way that companies hire, market and sell. LinkedIn boasts that two new members sign up every second! With currently 238 million registered users this infographic will show you why it’s the best out there!

LinkedIn has been around for over a decade now and more than 3% of the world’s populations is on it. It started out in the living room of its co founder Reid Hoffman in Palo Alto. Since then it has gone global by expanding into Asia, Europe, Australia, UAE and many more countries and supports several languages to cater to a diverse set of people on the site. In 2008, they launched a mobile platform for their website for users on the go, and now 27% of the users constantly keep themselves updated on LinkedIn via mobile.

LinkedIn and Slideshare

Slideshare was launched in 2006 and is considered the “YouTube for presentations”. It’s the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and has changed greatly since its inception. LinkedIn purchased Slideshare in 2012 at an estimated price of $119 Million. With over 50 million users now using Slideshare it has become the world’s most popular content sharing platform used by influential speakers, leaders, consultants, designers, engineers, bloggers, organizations and even schools using it to colloborate and learn. Both websites are now among the world’s most heavily trafficked sites for professional content. Their relationship is also known as the chocolate and peanut butter for professionals.

The infographic below shows you a bunch of amazing facts about LinkedIn!

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