Introducing Google Media Tools for Newsgathering and Publishing

There are a ton of great ways journalists and publishers can use Google tools to help them report the news, visualize information, track data and improve their writing capabilities.

For example, the Weather Channel used Google Earth to illustrate the damage of Superstorm Sandy through before and after satellite images and live YouTube video. The New York Times used Google+ Hangouts to air an interview with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry about chemical weapons in Syria. And journalist Sarah Hill and Veterans United hosted the world’s first Virtual Career Fair via a Google+ hangout.

To continue helping journalists report the news and important events, Google is launching Google Media Tools, a centralized hub for empowering journalists to better connect with their audiences and build communities.

google media tools

The site was unveiled last week at the Online News Association, a premier digital journalism conference that features cutting edge ways to research, develop and publish, with tips to help journalists make more of an impact.

Google Media Tools

newsgatheringThe suite of media tools consists of the following resources:

Gather and Organize





Additional Resources

According to Google, this initial rollout is just the beginning:

We’ll add more resources including case studies, tutorials and expanded content in the coming months, and will soon launch the site in other languages as well.”

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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