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Human Media: The Newest Frontier [INFOGRAPHIC]

First, there was the internet. Then, social media came along. Now, the newest untamed frontier is ‘human media.’ That is to say, human media is a closer, more personal form of social media, but where people communicate face to face, as opposed to communicating through text. And more and more people and businesses are starting to realize just how big human media is and is going to be.

What Is Human Media?

Human media connects people more intimately than regular social media sites. Through platforms like Google+, and using tools like G+ Hangouts, people and businesses are able to defy geographic distances to talk face to face. The entire world is at your disposal, as you can join or watch Hangouts in an infinite number of topics.

You can join or watch Hangouts that are cooking lessons, virtual knitting circles, financial advice, DIY projects, medical care, and so much more. If you can think of it, a G+ Hangout can be done on it.

Why Marketers Love Human Media

Traditional ad-campaign-centric marketing is very quickly losing both relevance and steam, and the thriftiest and innovative marketers have turned to online and human media platforms to not only survive in the digital and information age, but to thrive. And the best way to do that is to ride the human media train.

Because human media is so much more intimate than social media, marketers, especially online marketers, eat human media up. It allows them to reach their demographic not only as a whole, but as individuals within that whole.

Google+ is essentially a free broadcast tower that businesses can use. With this free broadcast tower, companies can host weekly or monthly Hangouts. These Hangouts can consist of product demonstrations, lessons, advice, community support, or even open office hours.

G+ Hangouts can also be used for virtual career fairs. This allows people to be able to sit and talk to their prospective employers and interviewers essentially in person. Instead of flying people into cities for interviews, companies can do them over Google+, save tons of money, reduce their carbon footprint, and connect with more people.

Being able to cost-effectively and realistically take the time to genuinely connect with your client and customer base is nothing less than game-changing. People (especially customers) absolutely love it when businesses take the time to slow down and actually talk to them like they’re humans and not statistics.

When you bond with your customer base, they are much more likely to say good things about you and spread your product or service by word of mouth, and will make your company much more appealing than your passive marketing competitors.

In our ever-changing word, technology is outdated as soon as it’s released, and it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing paces of everything. Marketing practices need to be able to adapt very quickly in order to survive, and since Google+ is still incredibly new, you can establish a bigger presence more quickly before your competitors catch word of the changing winds in online marketing.

Nicholas Jager
I was waiting for the next wave to hit. This is all happening so fast now that we cant even begin to comprehend the possibilities before the next 'big thing' is already here.
Engaging in Social Media ~ Kim Beasley
Very cool facts Sarah! Loved the infographic, too!
Susan If
this was very compelling. Thank you Sarah.
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