Learn the Best Practices for Google Analytics [Conference]

Google Analytics best practices

Google Analytics best practicesAre you a Google Analytics junkie? If you’re a webmaster these days, you probably are an analytics junkie, or at least care about the performance and business goals of your site. Every time I launch a major campaign I practically keepĀ Real-Time Google Analytics up 24/7 to monitor what’s working well and where.

If you’re a digital marketer or webmaster like me, you probably like to keep up with what’s going on across your social media channels, mobile apps, and websites. All of that data can amount to a ton of noise, however, if you’re not sure what to do with it. For some extra help, you can attend theĀ Best Practices: Google Analytics Conference to learn a few useful tricks of the trade. The event will be held in Boston on September 19th, Seattle on November 14th, and at some point in San Francisco in 2014 (date TBA).

Google Analytics Conference 2013

Gain insight about successful Google Analytics strategies from leading experts in the industry! The featured topics include Universal Analytics, multi-channel funnels, attribution modeling, conversion optimization, advanced segmentation, eCommerce measurement, campaign tracking tricks, and much more. You can look forward to some helpful case studies, hands-on tutorials, and interactive sessions offering plenty of Q&A.

Beyond the useful information, why else should you attend Best Practices? How about invitations to networking events with innovators in the digital analytics industry and expert speakers as well as an awesome after-party to boot!

Learn more about the Google Analytics Conference here, and if you really need the training, check out the Google Analytics IQ lessons to see how you measure up!

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