Fitbit Reaches 1 Million Downloads and Expands Availability to More Devices

When it comes to the intersection of fitness and technology, the Fitbit fitness tracking app is a success story. While HTC announced on Tuesday that the new HTC One M8 would come preloaded with Fitbit, that’s not the only news for the popular fitness app: Fitbit has reached one million downloads in just two years and has expanded the number of devices you can use with it.

According to app analytics site Distimo, Fitbit is the most popular fitness app in both the Google Play Store (where it accounts for 83% of installs) and the Apple App Store (where it accounts for 72% of downloads). It’s no wonder Fitbit reached 1 million downloads in the span of two years.

distimo chart top fitness tracker apps google play

top apps for fitness trackers apple app store distimo

While it’s increased its user base Fitbit has expanded its reach in devices. Though in January the app was only supported by 26 Android and iOS devices, Fitbit now works with 44 different devices.

As Fitbit continues to lead in fitness tracking app downloads and collaborate with HTC, the future looks bright for Fitbit.

Photo by Suman Park
via TechCrunch

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