Evernote Now Syncs 4x Faster With Updated Server Infrastructure

Evernote Sync now 4 times faster

Evernote Sync now 4 times fasterOne of our biggest gripes with modern Web services might be Evernote. Despite its useful bookmarking, note taking, sync and collaboration tools, Evernote (otherwise known as “For’Evernote“) can be a bit of a drag to use because of how long it takes to clip items to your notebooks. With Evernote’s new syncing infrastructure, however, slow speeds might be a problem of the past.

Evernote announced on its blog today that syncing notes across devices is now four times faster than ever before. By upgrading the infrastructure across its 700+ servers, Evernote is able to bring faster service to all users while laying the path for the future growth of its service. Evernote representative Phil Libin wrote:

We couldn’t be more excited to roll out our new sync infrastructure. It was a tremendous undertaking by our team to do all of this without any downtime. Not only does this make Evernote more responsive than ever, but it also sets us up for important capabilities that you’ll see later this year.

For about a year Evernote has been redesigning its server-side sync engines to improve its service while ensuring that syncing would not be disrupted and that all data would be preserved. Slowly, through testing, Evernote transitioned all of its servers to run its new sync engine.

As a result, sync should only take a couple seconds to complete no matter which version of Evernote you use. If your account contains a small amount of notes, you might not notice a difference, but those users who store lots of data in their accounts or share notebooks with other users should notice a significance increase in speed.

Though Evernote credits these improvements to changes on its server-side only, it plans to upgrade all of its apps and its API to take advantage of additional capabilities of its new sync architecture which, though it might bring some temporary disruptions to your Evernote service, should make sync even faster in the long run.

This news follows Evernote’s revamped Web Clipper for Chrome, which brought out a sleeker process for creating article clips and sharing Web notes with others.

Lauren Mobertz

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