State of the Union 2014: The Nation’s Reactions, Visualized [INTERACTIVE]

state of the union 2014 twitter reactions visualized

As President Obama delivered the 2014 State of the Union address to Congress last night, the world took to social media to tweet quotes, express their agreement and disagreement and post their own concerns with the nation. To help us understand the hot button issues we face today in the U.S, data visualization scientist Nicolas Belmonte of Twitter created an interactive infographic that demonstrates how the nation reacted to every part of Obama’s speech.

Explore the address paragraph by paragraph to see tweet volume at each particular moment. Hover over spikes in the chart to see the top three hashtags at any given time. And scroll through the speech to see which parts resonated most with people in different parts of the country.

state of the union 2014 twitter reactions visualized

Scrolling through, you’ll see that #education saw the highest post rates in eastern states, while #jobs seemed to be a bigger issue in southern states. Overall, the highest Twitter activity happened with the #fairness hashtag when Obama talked about gender equality in the workplace and raising the minimum wage.

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What interesting things do you see in the State of the Union reactions chart?

Lauren Mobertz

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