Sharing Photos and Finding Interesting Content on Twitter Just Got Easier

Making photo adjustments on Twitter for Android

cropping photos and trending topics on twitter

Have you ever tried to share a photo to Twitter only to realize at the last minute that the photo wasn’t the right size or orientation? With Twitter‘s latest mobile update, this should no longer be a problem!


New Photo Editing Tools

Mobile users can now crop photos by selecting an aspect, like the Instagram-esque square ratio, and rotate images before tweeting them. Twitter will also remind users to @mention friends in pictures, software engineer Matt Belland announced on Twitter’s blog.


Finding Interesting Content on Twitter

With this update to the Twitter mobile app, finding interesting content on Twitter will be easier than before. Now when you pull down to refresh your home timeline and there are no new tweets to load, Twitter will supply you with recommended tweets, trending topics and suggestions for accounts to follow. Additionally Twitter will push updates on TV, sports and news events for users in the U.S. This can be a great way not only for Twitter to serve more ads but for you to find information relevant to you, such as upcoming, nearby events.

These updates are already available on Twitter for Android and should be coming soon to Twitter for iPhone.

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Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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