Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome Updated With Sleeker Article Clips, Skitch Markup, and Easy Sharing

If you use Evernote to clip webpages for later use, you are going to love the new Evernote extension for Chrome. Evernote for Chrome gets a facelift with a sleek sidebar, simplified article clips, Skitch markup tools, and improved sharing capabilities.


New Clipper Sidebar

New Evernote sidebar for Chrome

The updated Evernote Chrome extension is manned through a sleek new sidebar interface. Now, when you click the Evernote icon on your Chrome toolbar, the sidebar will appear beside the page you’re viewing. At the top of the sidebar you can choose how to save your clip: article, simplified article, full page, bookmark, or screenshot. Beneath this the sidebar features options for marking up your clip and for filing. When you click on the File tool, a window will pop up for editing the clip’s title, comments, and notebooks.

When you first start using the new clipper, it can be difficult to figure out how to choose the correct notebook for the clip at hand. While the old clipper emphasized designating the clip’s notebook, the new clipper places notebook selection at the bottom of the toolbar. Moreover, Evernote’s named the tool “File,” which we do not intuitively understand to mean notebooks. Since notebook selection is one of the most important parts of clipping to Evernote (every clip is saved in a notebook, after all!), I hope that in the future Evernote makes notebook selection more prominent and easier to find tool in the sidebar.


Simplified Article Clips

Simple Article clips on Evernote

When you find interesting articles online, do you ever wish you could save them for later and read them in a clean, ad-free interface? Now when you use Chrome you can clip clean, easy-to-read articles to Evernote. Just click the Evernote clipper and choose Simplified Article from the sidebar. Evernote will detect which parts of the webpage is the main article and strip the extraneous information away.


Markup Your Clips With Skitch

Screenshot of making markups using Skitch within Evernote for Chrome

Skitch is a cross-platform tool by Evernote you can use with friends and teams to collaboratively markup files and share information. Now Evernote makes Skitch even easier to use by incorporating Skitch into Evernote’s Chrome extension. With Skitch you can add text, shapes, stamps, and drawings to screenshots taken from the Web. You can also crop screenshots and pixelate unwanted or distracting information.

To markup an item from the Web, start by clicking on the Evernote in your Chrome toolbar. Once you select what you’d like to clip, click one of the markup tools available in the Evernote sidebar. Evernote will take a screenshot of your clip and bring you to its full suite of markup tools. When you finish, save your new Skitch file to Evernote, where you can access it later and continue to make edits.


Now Easily Share Clips With Friends and Colleagues

Share clips using the Evernote Chrome extensino

Just like clicking the file tool within the sidebar opens a special window for organizing your clip, clicking the share tool opens a window with options for sharing your clip via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, or a simple link.

All in all, the new Evernote clipper for Chrome offers useful new tools for saving and organizing items from the Web that most Evernote users will take advantage of. The only complaint I have, besides creating easier access for notebook selection, would be to provide a more intuitive way to exit the clipper if you decide not to clip an item after all. Right now, if you change your mind after clicking the clipper button you have to press the Escape button or refresh the webpage in order to exit the clipper.

For more information on the new Evernote Web clipper check out this video demo of the Chrome extension, or install Evernote for Chrome.

The updated Web clipper for Chrome is one of Evernote’s many new features for improving productivity. In June Evernote added the ability to save Gmails to your notebooks so you can read them and respond at a more convenient time.

How will you use Evernote’s new clipper for Chrome?

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