Domino’s New Specialty Chicken: Is It Pizza or Something Else Entirely?

Domino's specialty chicken crust pizza

If you love pizza, this news could either make or break your day. Domino’s has launched its first new menu item since Handmade Pan Pizza in September 2012: Specialty Chicken. You might love it, or you might find it an abomination to the name of pizza everywhere.

Domino’s new Specialty Chicken is just like pizza: it comes with sauce and vegetable and meat toppings. Only instead of using traditional bread crust as its foundation, Special Chicken uses – you guessed it – 12 bites of Domino’s breaded chicken breast as crust. Specialty Chicken comes in four flavors, Crispy Bacon & Tomato, Spicy Jalapeno-Pineapple, Classic Hot Buffalo and Sweet BBQ Bacon, and is available as part of Domino’s $5.99 mix and match deal.

The item is part of Domino’s new initiative to further boost its chicken sales among other offerings from the fast food industry. “Our pizza chefs have taken chicken to a whole new level, using our unique ingredients to create these four bold flavors,” said Russell Weiner, Domino’s Pizza chief marketing officer. “There’s nothing quite like Domino’s Specialty Chicken on the market today.” The change has been long coming: Domino’s removed the word “pizza” from its logo in 2012 and currently sells more chicken than any other non-pizza item on its menu, according to Eater.

I agree: not even McDonalds or Chik-fil-A drizzles cheese and marinara sauce on top of their chicken nuggets. But the spicy jalapeño pineapple edition sounds right up my ally. I’d say the offering would appeal to Atkins dieters and gluten-free eaters, too, if Dominos didn’t bread its chicken. Alas, this is pizza, and apparently bread can’t be fully taken out of the equation.

A national TV campaign promoting Special Chicken will begin on April 21. The ads will focus on the ballsy moves of Domino’s chefs, who apparently brought us the failed cookie pizza shortly before designing Domino’s next supposed hit, Specialty Chicken:

Will you order Domino’s Specialty Pizza any time soon? Which flavor?

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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  1. Well, I have eaten something of this sort in KFC. They replaced traditional sandwiches with chicken breasts. I don’t believe it was a success. Will have to see how people react to Domino’s initiative..

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