Craving Pizza? Just Push This Button and Your Favorite Pie Will Magically Appear at Your Door

the PiePal pizza button

the PiePal pizza button

Sometimes, like late at night, your craving for pizza begins to overpower your ability to make any form of human contact. You want the pizza so badly but human contact, whether by phone or internet, is out of the question. But if you’re not in a state of mind to communicate with humans, how are you going to order your pizza? With the PiePal pizza button, of course!

PiePal is a physical button wired to do one thing, and one thing only: order your favorite pizza. Designed by iStrategyLabs, PiePal is a 3D-printed button dressed up in LEDs that connects to the internet via your WiFi network. Internally, PiePal runs on Raspberry Pi and Arduino, making use of an API wrapper around Domino’s online ordering system to determine the closest Domino’s location and track the status of orders. Besides letting you order pizza with the touch of a button, PiePal also allows you to connect with your Domino‘s account and program your favorite (Domino’s) pizza for one-touch ordering.

To use PiePal, turn the dial to select the number of pizzas you want to order. Then push the button to send your order through. When the LED lights up, your order has been confirmed! Now just sit back, relax and wait for your pizza to arrive.

As ridiculous as PiePal may sound, it is a real product in development. You can find out more about PiePal in the demo video below or sign up as a “beta taster” by visiting

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