The Most Insane World-Traveling Domino Trick Ever

You’ve probably seen a domino trick or two in your lifetime, but have you ever seen one that spans the entire globe? With the help of YouTube, domino doers Hevesh5 and Millionendollarboy put together a world-traveling collaboration using nearly 25,000 dominoes with over three months of preparation.

The performance is sure to astonish you with its elaborate moving contraptions, jumping dominoes, scattered explosions and even more graceful falls illustrating a few “tricks” of the trade.

Check out the precise timing and connectivity in the tricky video, which starts out with Hevesh5 in the United States and seamlessly transports viewers to Millionendollarboy in Germany at the 1:35 mark.

Domino Tricks!

Domino Tricks! 1

Domino Tricks! 2

Domino Tricks! 3

Domino Tricks! 4

Domino Tricks! 5

Video by Hevesh5

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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