Apple and Shazam Team Up To Bring Built-In Song ID Feature to iPhones

When you can’t figure out what song you’re hearing, you open your Shazam app, right? Now Apple has teamed up with Shazam Entertainment Ltd. to add a built-in song identification feature to your iPhone and iPad. After an upcoming iOS update, you won’t need an app in order to use your device to learn the names of the songs you’re hearing.

Shazam uses technology that collects sound through your phone’s microphone and matches it against a large database of songs. This enables the app to quickly identify most popular songs. Now Apple will incorporate this technology into your device, so you won’t need to download a separate app. You’ll also be able to identify a song by asking Siri, “What song is playing?”

Music was until recently an important part of Apple’s business model. That changed as an increasing number of people turned to online music streaming services like YouTube, Pandora and Spotify, causing a drop in iTunes downloads. In September, Apple launched iTunes Radio to compete. It has since expanded the streaming service outside the U.S. By teaming up with Shazam, which already yields iTunes downloads, Apple looks to further boost its music services and reincorporate music as a significant part of the company.

Featured Image by Prachi Verma
Via Bloomberg

Mikaela Rakos

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