What’s Behind the Social Media Mind of Anthony Weiner?

Freedom of expression is America’s favorite freedom, by a wide margin. But you would think someone running for a political office would know there are limits to that freedom. Former New York congressman and present Democratic mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner hasn’t been able to keep his name out of the headlines lately. Infamous for sending lewd pictures of himself via Twitter to women who were not his wife, Weiner’s reputation was yet again tarnished earlier this year, when he was caught sexting as “Carlos Danger” to an unidentifiable number of women on Facebook and Formspring.

Although some New Yorkers may actually find it in their hearts to give him not a second, but a third chance in the upcoming elections, social media specialists agree that this time Weiner has gone past the point of rescue. Nevertheless, his epic fail serves to remind us all that there’s no real privacy on the internet.

Here’s what folks at Addvocate believe to be going on in Mr. Weiner’s social media mind:


By Sara Bacon

Sara is a communication manager at Column Five Media.

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