New York City: Then and Now

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan BridgeHow has the landscape of New York City changed over the last few decades or even century? NYC Grid, is a website that explores and archives photos of New York city neighborhoods, “block-by-block and corner-by-corner,” to find out.

Since moving to NYC seven years ago, Paul Sahner found himself roaming around taking photos and videos, but with no real goals in mind, so he decided to focus that energy into this new site. What makes the effort by Paul so awesome is the Before & After project displayed that features a pair of photos stacked side by side from identical locations, but taken decades or even a century apart. What’s even cooler, on the site, each photo set has a slider in the middle allowing you to move back and forth between seeing larger portions of the old or new views for comparison.

Here is a look at New York City, then and now:

Before & After – 23 Wall Street

23 Wall Street

Before & After – Bowling Green

Bowling Green

Before & After – New York Savings Bank on 14th Street & 8th Avenue

New York Savings Bank on 14th Street & 8th Avenue

Before & After – Park Avenue and Lever House

Park Avenue and Lever House

Before & After – Sutton Place

Sutton Place

Before & After – Racquet and Tennis Club

Racquet and Tennis Club

Before & After – Grand Central Terminal, Ramps

Grand Central Terminal, Ramps

grand central

Before & After – Tudor City, 1st Avenue Pedestrian Walkway

Tudor City, 1st Avenue Pedestrian Walkway

Before & After – Park Avenue And The Helmsley Building

Park Avenue And The Helmsley Building

Before & After – Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

Before & After – Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Before & After – Seventh Regiment Armory Building

Seventh Regiment Armory Building

As you can see, each post on NYC Grid focuses on one block, and according to Paul, “I will attempt to document anything of interest, be it architectural, cultural, or just a good place to get a burrito.” So stay tuned for more updates from this interesting exploration of New York City!
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  1. I’m a big NYC photo collector so this hit home with me. I appreciate the artwork demonstrated in these photos. I love the black and whites to give it character up against the colored and modern versions. Quite the contrast in more ways than one. Thanks for the post.

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