Favorite Writing Tools of Famous Authors Can Inspire Social Media Writers

What do social media writers have in common with Quentin Tarantino and Neil Gaiman? Writer’s block! You might be surprised to know that even humankind’s most creative minds go blank at one point or another.

Social media writers usually look for inspiration on the Internet. They visit blogs, search for hot topics that would attract many readers, or rely on contemporary apps that keep them focused on writing instead of browsing through their favorite websites.

Do you think the same methods work for Stephen King or J.K. Rowling? As it turns out, the famous stars in the world of literature find inspiration within the limits of their own creative thought.

Have you ever seen the notes Dostoyevsky wrote when conceptualizing The Brothers Karamazov? They are a proof of the real mess that’s going on inside a writer’s head before a piece of awesomeness comes out. If Dostoyevsky were alive today, he would probably avoid the clean outline of a computer screen. Maybe social media writers should do the same from time to time?

Check out in the infographic below what tools famous authors have used to work on their novels. The conclusion is that we can all go back to basics to find some real inspiration.

Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors

Infographic Source: NinjaEssays Blog

By Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller is a professional writer from New York. Writes her first book and learns the art of self publishing. She has a PhD in English literature, NYU graduate.