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Sleep vs. Productivity of Famous Writers [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s widely believed that sleep and productivity go hand-in-hand. “The early bird catches the worm,” or so the saying goes; those who rise early are said to get a head start on their day and accomplish more in the long run. But is this true?

Blogger and critic Maria Popova of Brain Pickings, always curious about daily routines, decided to visualize the sleep habits and productivity of successful authors. By mapping the authors’ waking time, number of published works and awards received, Popova tried to find correlations between sleep habits and work output. What did she find? In general, late risers seem to be more prolific but win fewer awards than early risers. Popova writes:

…This isn’t meant to indicate any direction of causation, only to highlight some interesting correlations: for instance, the fact that (with the exception of outliers who are both highly prolific and award-winning, such as like Bradbury and King) late risers seem to produce more works but win fewer awards than early birds.”

From early risers like Honoré de Balzac and Sylvia Plath to late risers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Charles Bukowski, check out the sleep habits of famous writers. How do their daily routines compare to yours?

You can buy a print of the infographic at Society6, with a third of proceeds going to the literacy nonprofit Room to Read.

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