What Does Your State Search for Most on Google? [MAP]

Have you ever wondered what the people around you were looking up on Google? Now you can see what things are being searched for across the United States thanks to Estately, which analyzed hundreds of searches using Google Trends to create this map of the U.S.

While most of the words or phrases are either harmless or humorous, some are somewhat surprising and unsettling. States like Maine, Michigan and Maryland have mild searches for “cat pics,” “knock-knock jokes” and “farmville,” respectively. This friendly search terms indicate that these places may be good places to raise children and build a home.

On the other hand, people may look to this and decide to stay away from other, more vulgar places like Illinois, where “racist jokes” was a top search, and Texas, where “do I have herpes?” was a top search and Montana, with “meth” as a leading search term. Now all we need to know is what’s most searched for on Google in countries across the world!

What does your state search for most on Google?

Mikaela Rakos

By Mikaela Rakos

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