REPORT: Why Your Business Needs Twitter Followers

Twitter is a great open networking environment that can generate a ton of new traffic and leads for your online business. Recent data provided by HubSpot shows that having more Twitter followers correlates with improved business performance. HubSpot also found that the larger your company grows in terms of employees, the more likely it is to increase your reach on Twitter as your organization becomes more involved with social media.

Inbound Traffic vs. Twitter Followers

If your brand has over 1,000 followers, your website will receive 400% more inbound traffic from Twitter, on average, than a site with less than 100 followers!

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Inbound Traffic vs. Company Size & Followers

Interestingly, when you look at organizations with similar numbers of Twitter followers yet varying numbers of employees, their relative reach on Twitter is comparable until you look at accounts with 1,000 followers or more. In these instances, the organizations with 11 employees or more start to break out in traffic relative to companies with 10 or fewer employees. This makes sense, since more folks from the company are online to man Twitter terminals and engage with fans.

Twitter Reach vs. Company Size

While the data show that having more followers corresponds with a larger audience and better business performance, be careful not to get caught up in numbers. Try to avoid the vicious cycle of social media reciprocation where you end up counting followers like bottle caps and engaging people for the sole purpose of having them follow you back. While your business may need more Twitter followers, it doesn’t need a robot army that never retweets or engages with your content.

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  1. Thanks for this informative piece about Twitter. Even though my “business” is authoring books, I feel that reaching way beyond my immediate circle will ultimately increase readership. Writing, after all, is a form of “business” especially in this global age.

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