How Many Followers do You Really Have on Twitter?

Lots of jokes have surfaced recently suggesting that most followers on Twitter are either fake, robots, spammers or some other entity which doesn’t actually read anybody’s tweets. Is this really true? Maybe, because Twitter has taken a step to try and bring more authenticity back to the art of the follow: it banned any auto-following or bulk following of other users. But has the damage already been done? How can you tell if one of your followers is sincere or just a robot?

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together this quick guide to help you instantly determine how many real followers you have on Twitter!

real twitter followers
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Lorrie Salvetti
very interesting. I find it weird how you can put someones name, company google search, and so much stuff comes up having nothing to connect to that person however their name is within the content of each site...confusing to me.
Solveig Whittle
Or, as an alternative, if you want an acutal number, try either of these free tools or (note, I am not an employee or affiliate of these companies, I just use these tools).
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