REPORT: Is Vine Growing Faster Than Instagram Did?

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vine androidNow that Vine has opened its doors to Android users, have you swung by to take another look at the site? Back when Instagram launched its Android app, long after iOS availability, over 1 million new users joined that very first day. Could Twitter’s Vine app see similar gains? Up till now, Vine has followed a similar trajectory as Instagram with one noticeable difference: It’s gaining users a lot faster.

After its initial iOS release five months ago, Vine is now available on the Android too. How does this really compare to Instagram’s journey?

Vine vs. Instagram on Android

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When Instagram was released on the Android, it already boasted 30 million monthly active users. Vine isn’t nearly as established. So does it even make sense to compare the two services?

While Vine only had 13 million users when it rolled out its Android app, it released the app 13 months earlier in the company’s history than Instagram. Instagram launched in October of 2010 and didn’t release an Android version until April, 2012. Also it took Instagram a full year to reach 10 million users, a hurdle Vine swung over in just 3 months.

But Vine is a video site, while Instagram is famous for vintage-like filters that can be applied to photos, so, again, why the comparison? Well, Facebook is rumored to be testing a Vine-like video sharing feature for Instagram, one which would allow users to upload similar video loops of up to 5 to 10 seconds each. Currently, Vine only lets users upload 6-seconds worth of video. The entire feud brings back fond memories of a funny scene from Something About Mary, the 7-minute abs pitch:


The State of Vine

There are 102 million links posted on Twitter each day. When Vine first released on the iOS, it only averaged slightly over 50 thousand tweeted links daily. Now that they’ve joined the Android party, it will be interesting to see how explosive the growth is from here. Will it ever hit a ceiling?


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