Six Types of Coders You Should Never Become

While developers literally make the world tick these days, there are a few things they do that may tick you off as well. Like have you ever met an NSA coder worried about invading your privacy? Or what about a version of Internet Explorer that could correctly display your website? Or do you think Farmville programmers are really so concerned about your well being that they feel the need to send an email notification to all your friends just two minutes after you disappear?

From hackers to teenage developer prima donnas, programmers have become the new bullies of the Internet! Are you a programmer or studying computer science? Avoid becoming these people:
types of coders you should never become

Comic by CommitStrip

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

Daniel is a social network architect, web developer, infographic designer, writer, speaker and founder of DashBurst. Full-time futurist and part-time content curator, always on the hunt for disruptive new technology, creative art and web humor.