1500 Days of Clever and Funny Hand-Lettered Illustrations

03-piascik-600x458Back in 2007, artist Chris Piascik challenged himself to make a drawing every day and he hasn’t looked back amassing his 1500th drawing earlier this month. His hand-lettered work often references topical current events such as worthy news items, political satire, pop icons and even TV shows.

Don’t be quick to assume his pieces are built on existing typography ,either, as he draws all these letters from scratch!

Piascik’s witty work often has an inspirational and humorous message that can be seen in each hand-lettered statement like “Nostalgia was better in the old days,” or “All that is published online, bro.”

Just remember that “Real hustlers don’t sleep. We takin’ naps!” And here are a few more of his illustrations that “Bear repeating.”

All that stuff is published online, bro.

Library Of Congress Bro

It Bears Repeating

it bears repeating

Content Aware

content aware

Animals are Fuzzy People

Fuzzy People

Takin’ Naps

Takin Naps

Hoodie Weather

Hoodie Weather

Go Faster!

Go Faster


ride your bikes

You Can’t Get There From Here

cant get there

Pair Dont Care

Pair Dont Care

Coffee No Limit

Coffee No Limit

Hustle While You Wait

hustle while you wait

Feeling Nostalgic

Feeling Nostalgic

Party Time


Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers




When to Begin

ready to go

Also check out a collection of Piascik’s drawings from his book, 1,000 Days of Drawing.

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