Twitter is Spotted Testing Out a New Hands-Free Tweet App for Google Glass

Google Glass and Twitter

Google Glass and TwitterGoogle Glass geeks and Twitterholics have spotted land on the horizon!

Twitter appears to be testing an app for Glass, Google’s futuristic foray into cyber eyeglass frames, that could allow users to send out tweets hands-free throughout the day!

Two days ago, this unofficial tweet from a potential Twitter Glass app developer popped up, but was quickly deleted:

Within the tweet you’ll notice the “Twitter for Glass” label, which designates the app the tweet came from. Also, as most developers familiar with the Twitter API know, the term “Twitter” isn’t available in any form unless part of an official Twitter app. So no wannabe developer could just release an app with a name like that. Need more proof? The handle @MogroothMuddler, which has also just been deleted, belongs to Shiv Ramamurthi, a mobile engineering manager over at Twitter who happens to use the handle “Mogrooth” across multiple social accounts.

So what could a marriage between Twitter and Google Glass look like? Well, just imagine viewing an object and saying something about it which can then can be automatically tweeted as a photo…

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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