How to Show Your Clients the Value of Facebook in 7 Easy Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

value of facebook

Facebook-value-thumbHave you ever had clients who weren’t yet sold on Facebook? Most people know Facebook could potentially help them grow their businesses, but getting a page set up and managed properly can still be a daunting task for many folks.

First off, you might need to nudge your clients toward acting. When researching your pitch, find examples of similar businesses that have vibrant Facebook presences. Let the clients know what they’re missing out on. You can also get their attention by showing them the data on Facebook’s exponential user growth and the mind-blowing predictions of continued growth. Here you can even focus on the clients’ particular markets. Finally, show them some examples of pages you’ve helped develop in order to establish your own credibility.

What are the goals of your clients? Try to showcase all the great possibilities while keeping the clients’ expectations within reason. Explain that the page isn’t likely to go from 100 to 100,000 fans overnight! Determine the optimal amount of exposure for promoting new deals and products. What’s the target demographic? Let the clients know how they can easily promote new content specific to different regions, ages and genders.

Some companies may worry that having a Facebook presence will lead to major social media fails and public criticism. In this event, demonstrate how you would plan to mitigate their risks and mention that an active, transparent social media presence can help inspire brand loyalty. Other clients may also worry about the money and manpower needed to maintain a Facebook page, so be sure to outline a budget that includes labor, operating costs, and advertising.

Once you have them hooked, propose a test period! Suggest a trial that lasts for, say, 60 days. This trial should establish several realistic goals for engagement and likes. Should the posts be casual, informative or formal? Are they looking for a funny, conversational or journalistic voice? You will want to answer these questions up front. Lastly, establish a schedule for posting. A good goal to shoot for would be two posts per day, five days a week. After the initial trial period, present your clients details about the accomplishments and lessons learned. Then provide suggestions for new tactics going forward and even more options to further increase engagement!

So here are 7 easy steps, put together with our friends from ShortStack, to get your clients stoked about the true potential of Facebook.

value of facebook

Daniel Zeevi

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