Storify Acquired by Livefyre, Plans to Integrate VIP Product into Enterprise Offerings

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Storify, an online tool for telling stories through social media posts, announced that it has been acquired by Livefyre. The company wants to keep its storytelling product free but plans to integrate its VIP product for businesses into Livefyre’s enterprise offerings.

The acquisition is a natural transition for both companies. Livefyre aims to “power social everywhere,” receiving over 1 billion page views per month. Livefyre’s StreamHub platform enables real-time conversation and social curation through solutions for live comments, live blogs, live chats, and more for over 400 major publishers and media companies. Since Storify already helps over 850,000 of those same publishers tell stories through social media content, it’s a no-brainer that the merge will benefit both companies.


How Will Storify Change?

Luckily for the non-business user, Storify doesn’t plan to charge for its current free storytelling product, which enables users to embed compiled posts from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, and more into single-column “stories” users can post on their websites and blogs.

For businesses though, change is coming. Though businesses that currently subscribe to Storify’s paid offerings will not lose access to their paid features, in the future Livefyre and Storify will merge Storify’s multiple paid tiers into one single enterprise offering. This plan will include long-requested features such as single sign-on, centralized story and editor management, Storify galleries, user participation tools, and engagement analytics.

Storify will also be joining Livefyre in its San Francisco office this week.


Livefyre Offers Opportunity for Storify to Expand

Through the acquisition, Storfy aims to increase sales by further diversifying its product offerings for journalists, bloggers, publishers, brands, and agencies. Joining Livefyre gives Storify access to greater resources and an experienced sales team. The company wrote in its blog,

Together with Livefyre’s StreamHub, we can offer a complete suite of products to help our users do much more. We believe our united products are a perfect match, offering the best social storytelling, curation and user engagement tools anywhere.”


Better Tools for Livefyre Customers

When Storify’s storytelling tool is integrated into Livefyre products, Livefyre customers will be able to centrally manage both automated and editorial curation from the same interface. In the future they’ll also be able to drag and drop social media posts into any Livefyre app, including real-time comments, live blogs, and native ads. “This opens up completely new possibilities for how social content can be integrated into websites, mobile apps, advertisements and TV broadcasts,” Livefyre wrote on its blog.


Happiness All Around

Both companies seem pleased with the transition. Xavier Damman, Co-founder and CEO of Storify, tweeted yesterday,

Livefyre wrote in its blog,

We are excited to welcome the Storify team into the Livefyre family, as they start working out of Livefyre‚Äôs headquarters in San Francisco this week.”

We wish the best for both companies and expect only great things from them in the future.

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