1. Man, it was so long ago… and lay dormant for so long, I have no recollection what-so-ever of signing up to G+

  2. Funny you asked. We recently migrated to enterprise Gmail which forced me into creating a secondary Google plus account which I’m using as a good thing because I’m using the new account for my personal rants and observations while the old Google plus I use for company branding and I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to either one until recently and started following best practices like posting my blog posts to to Google plus account. What’s interesting is, within a couple weeks after actually starting to post with very little effort, Google analytics is showing $1600 in G+ referral website sales over the past 30 days versus something like zero since the beginning of G+? As a caveat the two identities slow me down during the day because my analytics and WMT is one account but Docs are another so my Gmail switching back and forth is a huge nuisance when I want to come back to gmail. Something I still don’t understand is Google yes forced me to link my one Google plus account to my YouTube account but still has given me a third Google personna just for youtube, but once again since it all became spaghetti, sign-ups for my YouTube channel are beginning to grow with a speck of sales coming from there

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