The Pros and Cons of Dating a Programmer

Have you ever dated a programmer? Dating a developer comes with many perks. For one, programmers spend most of their day debugging, so there is little time leftover for bugging you! Plus, given programmers’ busy schedules you won’t have to worry about them cheating on you. Or seeing you very often, for that matter. In fact, programmers will give you plenty of space.

As an added bonus, computer scientists are super smart, can speak multiple languages and are often quick to deploy you some Perl or Ruby. So why shouldn’t you start dating a coding geek?

Pros And Cons Dating a Programmer

Infocomic by Koding

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

Daniel is a social network architect, web developer, infographic designer, writer, speaker and founder of DashBurst. Full-time futurist and part-time content curator, always on the hunt for disruptive new technology, creative art and web humor.